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- Temporary and permanent residency

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a friendly and welcoming place to call home...

About us:

We provide residency and relocation services, including visa and work permit, temporary or permanent residency and citizenship.


We also offer legalization, apostille, birth certificates, translation of documents and Uruguayan driver's license.


A friendly and welcoming place to call home. Ask people the reasons they’ve chosen to settle in Uruguay and you’ll hear “the people” at the top of the list.


It’s a friendly place where you’ll always be greeted with a smile and where, if you choose, you can live in a community that feels like a genuine neighborhood.


Security and a sense of belonging go hand in hand with this welcoming environment and treasure trove of cultural activities, which afford opportunities to meet up with new friends.


Here you’ll find everything from trendy commercial zones and restaurants with cutting edge cuisine, to boutique districts with historic roots and a vibrant café culture.


The blend of European and South American traditions, evident in every corner of the city, has strongly influenced the art, literature, and music of Uruguay.


There’s always a full calendar of events and festivals around the city.

Tango, live jazz, rock, theatre productions, dance, and the philharmonic orchestra are just a few examples of what’s on offer.


With this wonderful mix of opportunities to meet people and embrace the lifestyle which is distinctly Uruguayan, you’ll know you’re home.

About Uruguay


Discover Uruguayan music, wine and cuisine

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We specialize in relocation and immigration services. We know how difficult moving to a new country is, for  this reason, we base our services in assisting and supporting expats to make sure that this is a smooth and painless process.

Uruguay - a friendly and welcoming place to call home...

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